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16.  Equipment Rules 2007/2008, 2008/2009

The sub-committee was pleased to welcome the attendance of Toni Sailer (Chair Alpine).  A discussion took place about equipment rules and Masters racers.  Toni Sailer proposed that the rules about ski length and radius be changed to recommendations for Masters.  The foot height was felt to be important with regards to safety and this would remain mandatory.  Ski + plate – 50 mm max.  Boot sole to base of foot – 45 mm max.  The sub-committee was in full agreement with Toni Sailer’s proposals.  The change would have to be taken to the Committee for Competition Equipment and to Council.

The ages at which Masters could have a ‘free choice’ as to equipment (formerly 70 yrs males / 60 yrs females) was changed to 65 yrs males and 55 yrs females,  (note: this needs to be clarified in the light of the other changes).

[Insertion to minutes – the following is the wording of the rule change subsequently agreed by council:
“Equipment rules for masters racing - alpine:

The present specifications as to the length and the radius of the skis are

changed to be recommendations. (Exception: The ski length in Super-G

may not be less than Men 185 cm and Ladies 180 cm).

Rules concerning the maximum height of ski / plates and ski boot soles

remain mandatory. The heights are reduced as follows:

Maximum distance from bottom to boot sole: 50 mm

Maximum distance from boot sole to base of foot: 45mm



Revised Masters FIS Competition Rules pre-final draft (including ski dimensions)

 FIS Ski Dimension rules for 2004/5
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New rules - the following has been accepted by FIS (June 2004)

Super G
GS Skis may also be used for Super G with the following specification:
Super G Ladies min 180 cm (without tolerance)
Super G Men min 185 cm    (without tolerance)

Giant Slalom
GS Ladies min 180 cm  ( - 5 cm tolerance)
GS Men min 185 cm ( - 5 cm tolerance)

Normal FIS rules apply
Ladies 155 cms
Men     165 cms

Older Masters
There shall be no restrictions for ladies over 60
and men over 70.

RADIUS rules remain the same - (GS & SG 21 m) - see full rules above
Please note that this will go to 27 m in 08/09.