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RACE ENTRIES & Masters FIS Licence applications link

Contact this website:  info @ mastersski.com  

Masters Co-ordinator: James Rothnie james.rothnie @ yahoo.co.uk Tel: 01442 869010 PHOTO

GB Masters UK  Training Course Organiser: Chris & Bev Anderson, chris.anderson @ boxcomputing.net

Kirsty Buchanan

( +44 207 842 5764 (office)
: Kirsty.Buchanan@TeamBSS.org.uk, www.teambss.org.uk

Snowsport England

Phone +44 (0)121 501 2314

Snowsport Scotland

Phone +44 (0)131 445 4151

Snowsport Wales

Phone +44 (0)29 205 61 904 

PHeath Site http://www.britski.org/

GBR Kandahar Masters Race Acceptance - lplatham @ btinternet.com  or masters @ kandahar.org.uk

http://masters.france.free.fr/   French Masters website
http://www.acamasters.com  Masters, Canada

FIS Masters Results, Seed Points, Calendar, Rules etc can be found on the following website:

For results from the Kandahar Masters races at Megeve go to: www.kandahar.org.uk

new E111 health insurance cards are required from 1 January 2005

Race Camps at Mount Hood, Oregon, USA - PVAlpine   www.pvalpine.com

Dutch skiing  www.snowsportsacademy.nl

If you want a link to be added to this list send an email to info @  mastersski.com

If you are interested in the International Masters race events you need to apply for a Masters FIS licence.  Information about Masters licences and race entry can be found via this link. Always check  before you travel to one of the above races as they have been known to change date and/or venue at the last minute.

Webmaster: John Williams
Email:  info @  mastersski.com
Please send all contributions to the website / newsletter to the above email or address.

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