This is a tricky area and one that frequently changes.

Hopefully this page can be used as a focus for insurance information.

Please send in details of any suitable insurance companies you come across.

Please also send details of any restrictions or drawbacks of other companies or schemes.

June 2007 from Alan Jones

Dear senior ski friends,
I have found a new insurance company on the internet which looks as if it offers a better deal than most to older skiers.  It is Insure Travel Limited which trades as Elect Travel Insure.  I have not fully checked it out but I am giving it a try for my forthcoming trip, backed by the Austrian Alpine Club members insurance.  I was looking primarily for cancellation insurance as I have significant cover through the Austrian Alpine Club.


Dec 2005 from Alan Jones

Dear All,
A number of people have been asking me about insurance for older skiers.  A leaflet has dropped out from somewhere (Racer Ready Magazine I think) advertising a new insurance being promoted by Graham Bell, X1 Sports Insurance for extreme sports  At 50 for annual cover, it looks extremely attractive, but someone needs to go through the small print to see what the snags are.  The obvious one for some of us is that it covers only under 70s, but I will take this up with them.  The premium does appear to rise rather rapidly over 45 and there appear to be extra charges for over 21 days skiing, but these are not quoted on the web site.  It does not say if there are restrictions on the number of days climbing.
Best wishes for the New Year with lots of good skiing and climbing!

Comment from Mary Ondrusz:

I have followed up Alan Jones' tip on ski racing insurance. When I asked for cover for more than 21 days' skiing per year I was told they did not offer that. They also said I could not get a top up. This insurance is not suitable for anyone who plans to ski for more than 3 weeks in a year, but will suit people who plan to combine skiing with other activities. This is at odds with Alan's info, and I don't have the time to pursue it further. It would be interesting to hear of anyone else's experience with them.