Notes on Masters FIS licences and fees by Paul Latham

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Dear all,

In September I sent an email out to you advising I would be having a meeting with David Edwards at British Ski and Snowboard to discuss a number of issues and I invited additional points to be raised with him.  Kerry sent the email below that was very helpful.  I had the meeting with David Edwards on 20 October however I have only just got the final points clarified.  

I attach a copy  of the notes I took at that meeting, you will note that entries for the British Masters event can come direct to us and not through British Ski and Snowboard so consequently there will be no charge for making your Race Entry.  However it would be very helpful if someone were to coordinate the entries rather than individual Racers sending their own entries in any bright ideas??  Please note that a valid FIS Licence will still be a mandatory requirement and we will be confirming each entrants status with British Ski and Snowboard before the event.

There are several concessions that David has agreed to for the 2011/12 season.  I will follow these up during the summer next year so if any of you have any clarification of any points or indeed any additional points please let me know.

Please ensure these notes get the widest possible dissemination to the British Masters


Paul Latham

KandaharMasters Committee

Autumn House

11 Beechwood Road

West Wycombe

HP12 4AJ



From: <>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 11:04:25 +0100
To: Lewis Paul Latham <>
Subject: British Masters Championships and Masters FIS Licences

Hi Paul

Sorry for my slow reply, I have just returned yesterday from training at Stubai glacier in Austria.

There is a matter that I would like to be raised regarding the new 8 payment required to enter each FIS race. My understanding is that this fee has been introduced as a 'handling' fee and every racer will have to pay 8 to enter every FIS race. Please can you clarify whether this will also apply to Masters FIS races? Please can you bring it to the organisers attention that at Masters FIS races, we already have to pay 15 Euros for every race, as well as a lift ticket, usually a minimum of another 15 Euros. In standard FIS races, this is usually all free (unless of course it is your own home nation that is organising the event). Last year I competed in 15 Masters FIS races, so this all adds up, and the extra 120 ( 8 x 15 ) that it will cost for the same amount of races this year may prove to be prohibitive for a lot of racers, myself included.

I'm sure that a lot of our FIS Masters racers are not even aware of these extra costs. Another danger is that it will also be possible to avoid these costs as generally it is still possible to turn up at the team captains meeting in resort and enter for a Masters FIS race.

I would appreciate if you can raise these questions at you forthcoming meeting and report your findings to me at

Thank you very much

Kerry Turnock

Note added subsequently by jw: please note that following enquiries by rjs the fee is per entry form rather than per race (i.e. a whole weekend's races can be entered on one form for one fee).